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Club: Club Illusion

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Date: 21.02.2015 22:00
Address: Ulica Lomina 14, Belgrade, Serbia | show on the map »

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★ BLOCK DEVICE ★ United Beats Rec. / France

Ludovic Benhamou is the man behind the behemoth that is Block Device. Ludovic was
born in 1985 in France, and has been laboring in the studio for over 7 years now.
The story tells of a teenager influenced by alien radio waves in Paris known as
“Max” (Fun Radio), “Rave Up" (Radio FG) or Skyrave (Skyrock).
The electronic sound was in his blood from then on. As he progressed in his search for
more of the best music around, he quickly got a job in Paris's most prestigious
underground record shop, Techno Import. This was a gateway into the future, as Ludovic
quickly gained respect from his peers, spreading the vibe with his dj sets around the city.
Ludovic’s passion for technology led him to start producing music as a way to create
even better sounds and beats. Being also a computer engineer, he has all the tools to
get the most out of every machine he lays his hands on, innovating with new techniques
from the future. With these tools, he can truly show his love for precision and quality as
well as channel the power of the stars, the ancient shamans and the aliens travelling
through worlds.
As words went around, he eventually met up with X.S.I. one night at the Gibus club in
Paris. They now collaborate on various musical projects.
Block has already graced the world of his knowledge with many EPs and a ground
breaking album all on United Beats Records as well as countless tracks on various
Expect more from this messenger of future times.
Bio (short) :
Ludovic Benhamou is Block Device from France. After years of being influenced by radio
shows in Paris, he started creating his own sound, breaking out from the masses and
spreading the alien language through the world with his unique quality and technique.
His training as a computer engineer led him to experiment with new technologies and
techniques, keeping him always a step ahead of the masses. No machines can keep
secrets from him as he talks the tongue of the creators of these machines.

After many Eps and a breathtaking album released on United Beats Records, he is
ready to take on a world that’s in dire need of fresh air. Let him bring the power of space
to you.
★ BLOCK DEVICE ★ LIVE / United Beats Rec. / France

★ DaPEACE / Chaotic Beats, WickedForest

★ CUNE / U.Lj.E.Z.

★ KUZMA / Trance Community

★ IGOR / U.Lj.E.Z.

★ VLADA / U.Lj.E.Z.

Cena karta u pretprodaji je 700 rsd, i mozete ih nabaviti iskljucivo kod admina event-a !!!
Broj karata je ogranicen !!!

0637774254 / NADJA

0640079616 / MILICA

061 2816 182 / ZARKO

0637548639 / ANDREA

0692448871 / IRENA

0628372388 / ANDREA

Invited: Sergio Saldana, Jovana Arsenov, Dijana Milosevic, Nikola Ljubotina, Marius Subonj, Hanan Ben Armon, Matija Thias Stojković, Dejan Jaksic, Spikeme Mike, Nađa Mladenović, Milica Toljic, Nathan Ash, Darko Petrušić, Kićolina Princip, Marko Adamović, Lana Pejic, Maja Pavlovic, Beba Lotusić, Vladimir Filipovic, Sammy Coolsun, Mala Mara show more »