Party: :: DANNY WHEELER :: 17.01

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Party: :: DANNY WHEELER :: 17.01



Danny Wheeler is called a ‘hotly tipped future producer’ by DJ Mag. He is an International Drum & Bass DJ/Producer from West London and the founder of W10 Records.

He produced tracks and worked with Sub Focus, J Majik, Adam F, Brookes Brothers and a number of top DnB DJ/Producers. His DJ career has seen him perform all over the world, everywhere from China, Japan, USA, Argentina, South Africa, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Columbia, Venezuela, France, Bosnia, Germany and of course all over the UK, where he often performs at London’s Superclub ‘Fabric’ where he regularly plays for LTJ Bukem’s events. He has played many other countries beyond, doing his part to spread the good vibes of drum and bass.

His first release "Ghost" (a collaboration with Sub Focus), put him into the Top 5 of the UK Dance charts – this established him in the scene and the sounds fairly represent what Danny’s DJ style is all about. Before that he worked for Bryan Gee’s Movement events in London. After that he was headhunted by J Majik to be label manager of Infrared Records. All of this experience helped him to make the links in the scene and then he created his own label W10 Records. Time Out Magazine London describes his W10 parties as a place to hear ‘Tip-Top Junglist Talent’.

W10 helped establish new names such as Brookes Brothers and he was also instrumental in helping put Sub Focus on the map. Over the years he has been associated with other great artists such as Plan B and Jack Beats (with whom he shared a studio) and he enjoys helping new artists and is always on the look out for new artists to develop.

Danny’s musical sound is helping to push the boundaries of Drum & Bass. His DJ sets, like his music production, are powerful and uplifting.

He is currently working on a collaborative projects with Spar (Moving Fusion) which will be known as ‘Hidden Room’ and he also has a some Liquid Funk project with Makoto. He produced a Sophisticated Soulful remix album for famed Brazilian label Far Out Recordings (and is currently working on some new remixes for that label) – he previously remixed Azymuth and Incognito for them. His first album on W10 "Universal Language" featured collaborations with Kathy Brown and J-Pop super producer Taku Takahashi (M Flo). He has just finished work on a new album which he produced while living in Japan.


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