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LAP presents MISS TARA on Valentine's Day. Get insane with the vital and alluring eclectic beats.
Bring out all your mischievous and get overpower the monotony with Miss Tara thumping up the hottest gigs!

14th FEB'15
6 PM onwards

LAP the Club, Samrat Hotel
Club Rules Apply
For Reservations - 9711082325

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Give all your salutation to MISS TARA

She is a Toronto based Music Producer, DJ and International model. As an artist and an entrepreneur, her background and passions are in music, fashion, art & entertainment.
Her continued success as a professional model and thriving desire to express art in the form of music both merged into a bohemian lifestyle. While living in Paris, she had intensive spinning practices, playing along side the best Parisian DJs. This ‘FrenchTouch’ showed MissTara the stark truth about entertainment, music and nightlife.
She is the personal embodiment of her handcrafted genre Sexy House, a style that is electrifying and captivating to the edgy crowds for which she performs. Her elegance flows from the turntables to the catwalk. As an international model and Miss Universe Canada finalist, MissTara understands and values the importance of exhibiting her transcending style through fashion and visuals on the stage. Always resulting in intoxicating and unique performances.
In addition to her extravagance on and off the stage, MissTara has proven her abilities and polished her professionalism within the business field. Her experience in combining music with fashion, art and entertainment, motivated her to spend countless hours mentoring and encouraging aspiring professionals in the art of entrepreneurship. Aside from mixing and producing music, her additional projects include the production of visual arts, developing a 3D adventure-style video game, and the creation of her own “MissTara” brand.
This student of Astrophysics at the University of Toronto is currently working enthusiastically on the production of her new album, “Let’s Live!”.
Tara dreams of having a giraffe in her backyard, but in defiance of her head being stuck in the clouds, she has both feet set firmly on the ground. Drop Tara a line.

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