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27.03.2015 петок
[8 години POLLUX]

entrance 300mkd

Mentioning releases, remixes or labels on which Steve Rachmad has shown his cra!smanship,
or boasting about clubs and festivals on which he has le! his mark, would just make for
another list of names, places and brands…. Let’s not go there. Feel free to visit the usual
channels such as Discogs, Soundcloud or Beatport, and take your pick from the numerous
productions and dj-sets, which resulted from polishing a one of a kind talent for over two
Because as Miles had his horn and Pablo took to his brush, Steve has an unequalled gi! for
making a connection with every thinkable drum machine and synthesizer out there… If the
man had kids, boys would have names as Roland or Robert (Moog), and a girl would surely
be named Linn, a!er the machine made famous in the 80’s by Prince.
No wonder one of his major achievements is the album Secret Life Of Machines. Released in
1995, the force of this piece is still strong today, resulting in last years re-release with remixes
from Ricardo Villalobos, Joris Voorn and Marc Romboy. For music to have this kind of timeless
value is a rare thing in today’s electronic music scene.
Steve’s dj performances constantly evolve. Set "rmly in the best that techno and house have to
o#er at the moment, he’s always inspired by high quality disco, dub and electro from the early
days. There are two personas in his dj life: as STERAC he plays techno with dark, deep, edgy
atmospheres. When his birth name is on the bill, it can be anything from planet Rachmad; a
realm best explored by listening to one of the extended sets recorded at Panoramabar and his
own, Studio 80 based, kis. club night

Invited: Damjan Pavlovski, Aleksandar Simonovski, Andrej Ancevski, Emilija Lazarova, Sandra Tanevska, Marjan Zabrcanec, Aleksandar Celeski, Anastasija Jovanov, Nina Simovska, Marta Ilievska, Meri Bakal, Žani Mitrevski, Aleksandar Tanchevski, Rennie Foster, Dimitar Kuzmanov, Biba Pancevska, Mitevski Aleksandar, Žarko Čulić, Katerina Sekovska, Vlatko Dimovski, Alexandra Milosevska show more »