Party: EDIT:TEHNO invites SYNTHEK (Natch.Tresor/DE) ł Svemirska Kafana

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Party: EDIT:TEHNO invites SYNTHEK (Natch.Tresor/DE) ł Svemirska Kafana

Italian Techno Dj and producer, Synthek evolves in Berlin under the wings of his own Natch Records and the residency at Tresor Club.Always seeking for new influences, over the past years his musical background had a constant growth, which can be seen through the evolution of his productions and sets, rich of deep rhythmics and powerful, introspective vibes. His first album “Unwise” released on Natch Records with Audiolouis is a bold sequence of powerful tracks devotedly written for the dancefloor, but still keeping a certain emotional aspect made of few melodic Detroit rooted cuts, standing as a tribute to the author’s primary inspirations. Always delivering strong and powerful set, Synthek is characterized by solid mixing skills sharpened through many years behind the decks. Planned for first half of 2015 are also 3 remix releases for 'Unwise' LP which will feature Polar Inertia, Sleeparchive, Tadeo, Zadig, Antigone, Kwartz, Aubrey and others.


Natch Records . Tresor Club (Berlin)

CONCRETE DJZ _ Armatura Records

PANN+ONN _ Ante Rasa




Beograd, Savski Kej bb

Hours: 11PM-09AM

Cena ulaznice do 12h - 200 RSD, Posle 12h - 400 RSD
(Cena ulaznice obuhvata i besplatnu garderobu za goste)


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Invited: Julija Milosevic, Aleksandra Jelenkovic, Teodora Babović, Dobrivoje Milijanovic, Ђорђе Цветковић, Tamara Sharic, Mihajlo Hfm Kosic, Zlatko Culahovic, Miloš Spartak, Marius Subonj, Fedja Knajdl, Bojana Lalićević, Nađa Mladenović, Kristina Lalic, Ivan Lukić, Petra Vragolov, Milan Bogdanovic, Jelena Čupa Ilić, Ivana D Drecun, Ana Bjekovic, Tatjana Harms show more »